VEXcode V5 Blocks Version 1.0.8 Release

We are happy to release version 1.0.8 of VEXcode V5 Blocks. It can be downloaded here:

New for this version:

  • Added new tutorial videos for My Blocks, Storing Data, and Using Events
  • Expanded feedback tool to include additional diagnostic information
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation content to include help documentation

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with Device Port icon sizes displaying incorrectly on some devices
  • Resolved an issue where My Blocks may disappear from the Toolbox
  • Resolved a consistency issue where Boolean variable constants were displayed with uppercase letters
  • Resolved an issue where track width and wheelbase Drivetrain settings were not appearing in some use cases
  • Improved the Range Finder 3-wire Device Configuration details to include correct port configuration information
  • Resolved an issue where the Inertial Sensor Print example had incorrect labels

Known Issues:

  • Blocks do not automatically update when device / direction names change in the Devices window
  • Recent Projects is not yet supported on ChromeOS
  • Tutorial videos cannot be played in “full screen” mode on ChromeOS
  • Using the “Share” button to generate a PDF of the project does not print the content of project notes (yellow boxes)
  • My Blocks argument blocks may not appear disabled if you drag them straight from the definition block into any other block - however the block’s behavior is actually disabled

As always, we appreciate any user feedback. If you come across something that doesn’t seem right, please let us know below!

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Is blocks good for learning competition code? There are some rookies on my team and I’m curious for them. If it’s engaging I would rather use this for the time being to learn for text and pros. Also is there a competition template?

There is! VEXcode V5 Blocks is fully compatible with competition and is a great way to get new programmers able to successfully program their robots.


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