VEXcode V5 - Download Error with Chromebook (HP)

This is for VEXCode V5

Saw the post here, but it did not explain what is going on: ERROR WITH NEW VexCode Blocks on Chromebook - #7 by tfriez

Only one of my students is having the “No Internet Connection” error when trying to download to the brain AND the controller. This student is the only one in class with an HP Chromebook. There are several other chromebooks in class that are working fine.

Everything had been updated.
Connects with cable just fine to the controller and the brain.

Any ideas on what I can look for to troubleshoot?

Silly question – is the Chromebook in question connected to the internet?

Can you access in a web browser from that Chromebook?

( is the site VEXcode queries to check if it has internet access per the post you linked – if I visit that page in a web browser I get a plain white page – no content, but also no errors)

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Yes, it is connect to the Internet.

I don’t know about access to that site. I’ll find the student later today and try it out.

Thanks for the tip!

Sorry it took so long!

Yes, he is able to access that page from home and school.

The latest version of VEXcode IQ has adjusted how the internet check works to hopefully resolve some of these issues. If possible, please see if your student can upgrade to the latest version and if the error still persists.

If it does, there may be something going on with that specific Chromebook that is blocking internet access from the administration side of things.


I am actually using VEXCode V5.

Got it. We’re putting that fix out later this week, so try again on Friday.



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