Vexcode V5 text gyro help

I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to code for the Gyroscopes in V5 text.

VexCode or pros? I’m not an expert but I think pros has some shortcuts for this sort of thing.

We are working with Vexcode.

Check out the VCS API reference for commands. Some gyro commands are here
Since the commands in VCS and VexCode are the same, they will work.
The code below will initialize the gyro.

vex::gyro gyro1 (Brain.ThreeWirePort.B);

Change gyro1 to whatever you want to name it and change Brain.ThreeWirePort.B, to whatever port you want instead of B. That should be a decent help.


Thank you for this, I am on the same team as Timothy_Cottrill and was the one who asked him to learn how to use a gyro for the robot.