VEXcode V5 Text Preview

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Potential issue with preview2’s autocomplete/live error detection (is that what I should call it?). I was attempting to use the pow(double, double) function from math.h and the IDE highlights my usage as invalid, despite the program compiling fine.
Not a major issue, but it did confuse for a couple of minutes. I’m not sure if this has been reported already or not, or if this is even the right place to put it.

Ok, thanks for the feedback.
we have occasionally seen unexplained errors like this reported from our back end language server when running on windows 7 (which it looks like you are running). We only see this error when editing header (.h) files. We have already applied a fix for this in preview 3, hopefully that will solve this issue for you.


Same problem with abs(), it might mislead people into thinking abs() is wrong

yea, it’s not function specific.
to be honest it’s not such a great idea to be writing code in header files as you seem to be doing. All of these functions should be going into .cpp files in the src folder. I understand that perhaps you had ported this code over from VCS where it only supported a single main.cpp source file, but it would be good to change to a more conventional approach of having actual code in .cpp files and function prototypes and definitions etc. in headers.


I see. I guess I was writing classes the wrong way :sweat_smile:

Small bug with VEXcode app on Mac, only one instance of the application can be open for it to work. My students use my MacBook with a separate account, so when they leave the open when we switch users (they are still logged in) I can not open any VEXCode projects, it shows empty panes.


Hm, yes, not sure we would be able to handle that situation, it’s complicated as we start some background processes to handle things like communication to the V5 and file system access. But we will put it in the backlog as something to look into before final release.


Thanks! It is a fairly common use case for a laptop to be shared by multiple teams, user switching on the laptop means it can be passed from team to team during a robotics session.

Unfortunately, sounds like a lightweight resource server is probably needed to manage the connections to the hardware on the laptop. Had to face that a long time ago when developing a personalized news system where many grad students all wanted access to the AP wires.

How do you make of copy of your own competition code (so that we can make another version) without having to copy, open new template, paste? Is there an easier way to do this without having to do main & robot-config in that manner? In other words, is there a “Save as” button? Also, is there a way to open one file & do a split screen & open a second file so that the 2 codes can be compared? Thank you. :kissing_heart:

You can open 2 or more files at a time. Just hit the home button in the top left then in the bottom right of the popup window there should be 2 overlapping rectangles that should say something like open new project window. Click that and you now have 2 separate vexcode instances. From there just use the home menu to open whatever files you would like

Thanks soo… much. Now, is there a way to do a “Save As” so that we can make a copy of the original file that we can test things out with, without messing up the original file…in other words, a different version? We ended up copying & pasting but we had to change the hex.h to robot-config.h also. More chances of messing things up. Would like one easy step like “Save As”… is this possible? Thanks.

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A “Save a Copy” feature would probably be useful too.
However, look into using git/github with your project, it is a much better way to manage backups.
Also, you could make a duplicate of your project folder or even zip it up into a date-stamped backup file.

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VEXcode Preview_03 is now available! It includes some bug fixes along with a few other optimizations.

Just like last time, please use the links below to download the new update:
PC -
Mac -

Thanks again for all the great feedback thus far. Please continue to provide us with any comments / questions / concerns below!

The full patch notes for Preview_03 are as follows:
:black_small_square: Added alert when the build fails, and output tab is not open
:black_small_square: Added alert if the VEXcode is left running in another user account on the same machine
:black_small_square: Added fix for make failing after multiple builds
:black_small_square: Added ability to filter error, warning and info in problems tab
:black_small_square: Added fix for the issue with right-click on the directory collapsing/expanding on Windows
:black_small_square: Added Undo/Redo for Vision configuration editor
:black_small_square: Minor bug fixes and dark theme in vision utility
:black_small_square: Added new custom title bar for windows to match UI look and feel
:black_small_square: Added alert for users if there are unsaved changed when clicking build and “Save on build” in settings is disabled
:black_small_square: Added ability to add special characters in project description
:black_small_square: Fixed the issue with Terminal stops logging after it reaches the 32000 lines limit.
:black_small_square: Program Type on V5 Brain for VEXcode programs will now show as “VEXcode”


Not a problem. Another cool feature that you may want to explore is adding more includes files. Do this by right clicking the includes header in the left sidebar then hit add file then in the bottom right of the popup window type in FileName.h and you are good to go. Just remember to actually include it in a file

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Thank you. Still learning how to maneuver thru VEX Code.

I think we all are, what I know is from the 24hr code-a-thon I did this weekend where I rewrote my master file and figured out vexcode.

Who else here is using VEXcode at Worlds?


unix build for platform vexv5 make: Nothing to be done for all. [info]: build completed!
The bug is back! When I change code in a header file (but not in main.cpp) it doesn’t try to compile the new code, and I have to make a small change to main.cpp for it to even try.

Code generally should not be in .h files. The make should be looking for c/c++ source files.

So not a bug, but a use case issue.