VEXcode V5 text projects for iPad please?

Please? I normally use the iPad as my main computer, but it’s not gonna work for programming the robot. Very sad.

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I’m not actually sure if how RobotMesh works, but it looks like there is an online verison you could use instead of downloading VEXcode.

Not sure how you’re going to connect the robot to an iPad though, it might not be supported.

If you are okay with only programming a virtual robot you could use VRC Virtual Skills.

Doesn’t iOS support code viewer on VEXcode?

You can view equivalent Python/C++ code in your blocks projects on any platform, but cannot create, edit, or compile text projects on iOS.

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hmm “read-only” viewer does not seem great value - maybe entertaining?

It is technically possible to support, but the % of users on tablets + keyboards is rather low so it has not raised high enough on the priority vs. resources scale.

It’s something we’ll look in the future to supporting, however, as Apple is pushing their iPads + Keyboard solution more than in the past.


Does VEXcode work on a Raspberry Pi? Cause it could be an alternative cheap option for people which have a tablet, and don’t want to buy an expensive computer.

You can use something like:

To run ChromeOS on a Raspberry Pi - VEXcode works pretty well on Raspberry Pi 3/4 with this OS.

Natively in Raspbian (now I guess Raspberry Pi OS) it is not supported.