Vexcode V5 timer

I’m trying to code our controller and wanted to have something where the button that releases the endgame can’t be triggered before the endgame starts. I knew there was a timer option on vexcode v5, but when I looked at it, I didn’t understand how the timer works. Does it just run off the match timer? Because I see the block for “reset timer” but don’t see anything about actually starting the timer.

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The timer automatically starts when you create it in your code. In order to see the match time, you can create (or reset) your timer when the match starts, so that it is synced up with the match clock. The timer shouldn’t get desynced from the match timer, but just in case I would add an override combination on your controller so that you can activate your endgame mechanism before the endgame. For example: your A button only works in the last 10 seconds, but if you press A, Up Arrow, and L1 it will activate your endgame mechanism even if you are outside of the endgame period.