VEXcode V5 - Troubleshooting Help

Kids are working through an autonomous routine. For some reason some of the motors will not work in under the “When autonomous” hat block. Scenarios…

  1. lift arm - wait until bump pressed - stop lift - start roller - wait time - stop roller
    In this case the lift arm will not lift. I have even tried to sub the wait until bump with a wait for time. Nothing. But if I remove the lift arm, the roller works. Or if I add a drive command at the beginning it will drive but then do nothing afterward.
  2. I put the code as we want it under the “When started”, it all runs just the way we expect it too. even the lift arms.

**Bottom line - some motors will function under the When autonomous hat block while others will not.

I am having this issue with more than one robot. So, I assume it is something we are doing. If you can advise, I would appreciate it!

The lift motors could be under too much stress. You may need to enable motor “hold” function when they are stopped (on the software side) and add some elastics to help counteract the force of gravity (on the hardware side).

If the problem still persists, please, attach pictures of your robot and full program code, so it is easier to understand the problem.

Although I am a community member, I have used VEXCode for a prolonged period of time. I have tried making out what you’re trying to say but it really is difficult to fully understand what is going on unless I can see code. Would it be possible to paste your code in here?

So, I took time to get some screenshots of the student code. And in trying different scenarios, I think we got it sorted out. We did not have a “When driver” hat block. Only “When autonomous” and “When started”. Now that we have added that everything seems to be working fine. Kind of an odd deal, but I think we got it sorted out. Thanks everyone for posting and trying to help. If the problem pops again and it ends up we didn’t correct the issue, I’ll post again with images and a more clear description of the issue.

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