VEXcode V5 update

I’m learning as I go, running an afterschool intro to VEX. With the recent VEXcode V5 update, my student complained that her program wouldn’t stay open. I updated my own software on Mac, and sure enough, it crashes.

Here’s what I know about the version:
VEXcode V5 2.0.7-274

SDK 20210316.11.00.00

Can you point me in the right direction for a solution? Currently, I just switched to Vex VR so we could continue learning about coding.

Are you using Mac Big Sur? If so Apple made changes that broke a lot of applications.
There is a Big Sur version on the downloads page at that you could try.


Thank you. That appears to be the issue. Too many “new” this school year :slight_smile: I feel like I missed the obvious…


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