VEXcode V5 v.2.0.2

VEXcode V5 v2.0.2 is now available. It can be downloaded here:


  • Updated tutorial videos for 2.0 interface
  • Resolved an issue when clicking the “firmware update” button on iPadOS causing unresponsiveness
  • Added support for V5 Optical Sensor with Blocks and Python
  • Added support for V5 Distance Sensor with Blocks and Python
  • Added support for V5 Rotation Sensor with Blocks and Python
  • Added support for V5 Electromagnet with Blocks and Python
  • Resolved an issue on iPadOS when saving Projects with certain characters in the project comments or notes
  • Restored share feature on iPadOS

Known Issues:

  • [Blocks] Using the “Share” button to generate a PDF of a project does not print the content of project notes (yellow boxes)
  • [Blocks] Motor commands do not automatically update when device/direction names change in the Devices window
  • [Blocks] My Blocks parameter blocks may not appear disabled if you drag them straight from the definition block into any block outside of the originating My Block - however, the parameter’s behavior is disabled
  • [Blocks] Undo/Redo in blocks can cause you to lose your blocks project after opening the Help / Devices / Code Viewer windows.
  • [Chrome OS] Saved indicator text may display “Not Saved” when the code is actually saved. Users can hit save to force the label to match the current state
  • [Text] The horizontal scroll bar in the code viewer may not be visible, but horizontal scrolling is allowed
  • [Windows] MSI installer does not update existing installs. Your will need to manually uninstall the application before updating.

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