VEXcode V5 v2.0.8

VEXcode V5 v 2.0.8 is now available. It can be downloaded here: Download VEXcode - VEX Robotics

What’s New:

  • Added the new V5 GPS to the Devices configuration to support the V5 GPS Sensor
  • Added templates and example projects for the 2021 - 2022 VRC “Tipping Point” Hero robot “Moby”

Change Log:

  • [All] Added V5 GPS support device with example projects
  • [All] Added Potentiometer V2 device support
  • [All] Updated V5 SDK to support latest V5 firmware version
  • [All] Added a scroll indicator to the graphical robot configuration when the panel height is not tall enough to display everything
  • [All] Added block and commands to spin a Motor/Motor Group at a specific voltage
  • [All] Added expandable “else if” conditional block structures
  • [All] Extended the “print” block to allow adding a new line as a block extension
  • [All] Added templates and examples for the 2021-2022 VRC “Tipping Point” Hero robot Moby
  • [macOS/Windows/Chrome OS/Android] Added ability to mute block sound effects
  • [All] Added warning about Blocks to Text conversion being a one-way process
  • [All] Added Traditional Chinese to the list of supported languages
  • [macOS] Merged Big Sur fixes into main application
  • [macOS/Windows/Chrome OS] Added ability to syntax check Python project code without a robot connected
  • [iOS] Fixed issue with using large My Blocks on iOS causing “RangeError” messages
  • [Android] Added unsupported warning when trying to run the Android app on Chrome OS devices
  • [Android] Added share support to Android

Known Issues:

  • [iOS] When using Arabic, the UI can become slow with larger robot configs
  • [Text] Compiler “warnings” may sometimes not be shown in the console correctly