VEXcode V5 v2.0 Preview

We are happy to release a v2.0 preview of VEXcode for V5. It can be downloaded here:

New for this version

  • Rebranded from “VEXcode V5 Blocks” to “VEXcode V5”
  • Added V5 Python support to VEXcode
  • Added V5 Python code viewer while in Blocks mode
  • Added ability to convert Blocks Projects to Python
  • Updated and added Blocks example projects
  • Add support for V5 3-Wire Expander Smart Device
  • Updated Vision Utility to display the center coordinates of a detected object instead of the origin coordinates
  • Updated Vision Utility to allow you to select an image area by dragging in any direction
  • Added V5 iPadOS support (iOS/iPadOS 12.x Minimum)
  • Resolved issue where ghost text may appear when dragging blocks
  • Increase maximum 1D list size to 20 elements and 2D list size to 20 rows / 20 columns
  • Add privacy policy link to about dialog
  • Added Tutorial video filter based on the operating system
  • Resolved an issue where My Blocks may not load properly on project load
  • Resolved an issue where invalid data was generated for Trig functions - all Trig functions now return degrees
  • Added new preview languages - Deutsch, Lietuvių, Русский, Suomi, Türkçe

Known Issues

  • [Blocks] Using the “Share” button to generate a PDF of a project does not print the content of project notes (yellow boxes)
  • [Blocks] Motor commands do not automatically update when device/direction names change in the Devices window
  • [Blocks] My Blocks parameter blocks may not appear disabled if you drag them straight from the definition block into any block outside of the originating My Block - however, the parameter’s behavior is disabled
  • [Blocks] Undo/Redo in blocks can cause you to lose your blocks project after opening the Help / Devices / Code Viewer windows.
  • [iOS] Share feature is disabled due to Safari engine issue
  • [Chrome OS] Saved indicator text may display “Not Saved” when the code is actually saved. Users can hit save to force the label to match the current state
  • [Text] The horizontal scroll bar in the code viewer may not be visible, but horizontal scrolling is allowed

This update is incredible! Major props to the vexcode developers! I think the best update (for me at least) will have to be Python support because much of the world is transitioning to it for virtual items (for example Python is used for the Unreal Engine, which is one of the most powerful engines out there that run Call of Duty, Ark, Final Fantasy, Borderlands 3, and even Fortnite). Awesome!

For those who are unsure, hold Shift while scrolling and that will scroll you horizontally. :slight_smile:


looks great! only thing I question is the rebranding of vexcode text and vexcode blocks to the less intuitive names vexcode v5 pro and vexcode v5. seems like it could cause some confusion when people download them. I didn’t see anything wrong with calling it vexcode text/blocks


I don’t mean to be impatient but when will vex iq text be out? I’m just excited to get my hands on it.


Considering that there’s probably an exhaustion time for most developers after successfully releasing a new program iteration, I am assuming that it will probably be a while (but I am not an expert nor have any communication with these developers). I am speaking out of my butt, but I won’t be surprised if it will take 4-6 months or more.

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A different thread said around 2 weeks after this V5 release.

We’re targeting Mid July for IQ C++ Preview and around then also adding C++ options to VEXcode V5. Most of the codebase between the two are common, and VEXcode IQ Blocks already generates C++ behind the scenes.

The issue we saw was that the Python support was built into the same base as VEXcode V5 Blocks… thus Blocks was going to have both Blocks and Python - so we decided to simplify the names instead.


If VexCode V5 will support C++, then what will become of VexCode Pro V5?


VEXcode will not have the more advanced features of VEXcode V5 Pro. No expert auto complete, one project open at a time and probably single file programs only.


Interesting. I’m not sure why C++ would be added to VEXCode V5 then. It seems to me that a student who is not ready for a proper C++ environment should stick to python and one who is ready should just use VEXcode Pro V5 instead. I just don’t see a reason for anyone to use the sub-optimal C++ functionality in VEXCode V5.


It’s not sub-optimal in a classroom setting where typical programs may never exceed 50 lines of code. A teacher wanting to start students with block programming then gradually transition to using text will find it easier to continue to use the same programming environment for everything.


And we’ll build an import feature for V5 C++ projects to migrate to Pro V5 C++.

The use-case is to make easier stepping stones. Jumping from Blocks to Pro C++… or… Blocks to Python to Pro C++ is too much language switching / cognitive load for inexperienced programmers.

Most advanced users just skip VEXcode completely and will start with Pro. Those users already have a solution. Making an easy pathway from Blocks to Pro C++ was the objective.


Added V5 iPadOS support (iOS/iPadOS 12.x Minimum)

Why does it says that and then when you go to the app store it says that it is only supported for iPad?

VEXcode only supports tablets, not phones.

iOS 12 was the last shared OS between iPad and iPhone. Starting with 13, they split the OS into iOS (phones) and iPadOS (tablets).

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When will V5 StemLabs and IQ Stemlabs be upgraded to include the new python and C++ instructions? Will that be in July as well? Also, will VR also have a C++ option as well?

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Are there any plans on releasing a text based VEXcode VR instead of just blocks? I could see this being helpful with odomtry code testing considering not everyone has access to a robot.

VR already has Python. Go to File then New Text Project.

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Thanks also is there any way I could track how much a wheel spins. I doubt it’s possible Looking at what the sensors do in the program.

No, I don’t believe wheel rotations are available.

Any news on the IQ C++ support update?