VexCode version?

Are we supposed to have the last vexcode version? Can we be disqualified if not? 'Cuz there is a student that said that to one of our teacher and now they force us to have it

No you cannot be disqualified for any code that works. As long as you can’t control your robot in auton you are good.

You do not have to have the latest version of vexcode. They can’t really figure out if you have the latest version and you are also not required to use it if you do not want.

No. You can have any version of VexCode. It is recommended to update though because it will reduce any bugs you may have, and hence improve your experience. You can also use any other coding editors that work with V5, such as PROS or RobotMesh. If you don’t want to update because of coding problems with the updates, it is likely that someone else has had your difficulties. I would recommend using the feedback button in VexCode, or posting on this forum for help. Make sure to thoroughly search through the topics already created though, you can likely find a solution to your problem.