VEXcode VR at home

Hey all,

I was wondering if there was an easier way of checking my students programing files (.vrblocks) from the online coding site.

Right now I have to download each file manually, and then open from my device in VEXcode VR online, and then watch the playground simulate their code.

Is or will there be a desktop version available to make this easier and quicker for me to view?

Or is there an easy way a student can easily upload a video of their final code and playground? The only option I see for share is it exports the code to a PDF. It would be useful if there was a share button that exported the code and robot simulation into one video file.

I know I can have them use screencast but that takes more time out of my already shorten periods.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated it.



Does your school use Google Classroom or Canvas learning platform? If so, make it an assignment and the student will upload to that platform.

I do not see the value of desktop solutions, or having accounts for kids by VEX, that complexity alone will diminish the adoption we see. Keep it simple for VEX,


My teacher has us write a notebook entry in a shared OneNote, including screenshots of code/robot and occasionally videos. Your students could take a video (using Canvas’ studio, Windows game bar, or whatever else) and then share it with you via some means (Google Drive folder, Canvas assignment, OneNote, etc.)


You could have them screen record their code and playground with Flipgrid. That’s actually a good idea, and one I hadn’t thought of before. I think I might take my own advice, haha.

I have been having my students fill out Google Docs that I make for each lesson that have questions about their process and troubleshooting and pasting in screenshots of both their blocks and playground. I have them change the filename to include their name, and then make sure the filename is visible in the screenshot to cut down at least a little bit on cheating. If you want to see my assignments, DM me and I will give you access to my Google Drive folder. My students are currently in Unit 5.


Here’s some other ideas from the last time this was discussed regarding submissions:


google classroom. That is what I have been doing, it just gets a little time consuming manually downloading and uploading their code to check. Just was seeing what others have been doing to increase my workflow. Thanks.

Thanks for your idea!


Thanks for your input. If you don’t mind sharing with me that would be excellent! I will attempt to DM you.

I am not sure how to message your privately on this . My email is [redacted] .



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I would second the idea of having them turn in a screencast to flip grid. This has been a life saver for me this year. Super easy to set up and can view their code and the results. Set up the expectations on what you want to see in their screen recording and it will be great.

I have made them put a comment with their name as the first block and then display their code for a second or two before running I the playground. I can always pause the video if I need longer to view the program.


I also have my students submit screenshots. I tell them to run the program, then take a screenshot of the playground and the most important code. Sometimes, it takes 2 or 3, but usually only one. This eliminates the download and upload that others discusses, plus having to watch the robot run the entire program.

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Hey all and thanks for all the feedback. I have been using the screen capture and students have been submitting video captures of their code and execution of code. This has helped me to streamline my grading.

I have so many students and teach 3 other different tech classes that I need to prepare for remotely and yeah, it’s not fun. It’s not a function of being a lazy teacher as some of you may have stated. Just lots of new work and anyway I can streamline and make my system more efficient I am going to attempt!

Thanks again for all the pointers and tips! What a great community! Stay safe and healthy out there!

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I am new on Vex Forums and I am not sure how to DM you, but would love any help with the Google Doc that you have students fill out. I was given our robotics course this year and was told go for it. They bought me some Vex V5 kits, but I want to use the Vex VR as well as I have some virtual students at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email is [redacted] Thanks. Steven

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Hi- I just shared my VEXcode VR folder that has google docs for all of the units in the curriculum, as well as a couple of the activities. I also shared my quiz folders that have quizzes for the VEXcode VR units already made in google forms. I hope these help! Let me know if you have any questions

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