VEXcode VR Customization

Hey guys, I am needing some help with the VEXcode VR.

I’m currently working for a non-profit organization that is teaching STEAM to kids. We are trying to integrate VEXcode VR into our teaching program. We have plans to use VEX IQ and VEXcode VR to go hand-in-hand. We would like to add our own customized playgrounds and objects to the VR world. Has anyone been able to do so? Is there a way for us to access the API files to the VEXcode VR?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, you cannot customize the playgrounds for VEX VR. But there are some with randomized layouts (castle crasher and wall maze). You also cannot customize the objects in the playgrounds.

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Do you know if there’s someone from VEX that we could contact to add those features?

If VR can’t do that you might check out RobotMesh. It has the capability to customize arenas.


We do not, at this time, have plans for user-customized playgrounds, objects, or robots.