VEXcode VR eye sensor

I am trying to use the downeye sensor to detect a red line that I have drawn earlier in my code but it doesn’t seem to work. All I want it to do is stop driving if it detects that line. Is the sensor not able to see the lines you create or am I doing something wrong.

(upload://gsGLXsxPgtIk9K5f1nmqsgXIQbp.png) UvlJh.png)

Eh, well I just tried it with my own code I just created, and it didn’t detect the line either. I think that VexCode VR just can’t sense the lines you draw right now. That would be a good add-in for a (probably far-off) future update.

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Correct. It can’t see the lines (yet). It’s definitely on the list of things to improve.