VEXcode VR - Monitoring and Printing Update

The VEX Robotics team is happy to announce a big update to VEXcode VR! You can experience VEXcode VR by visiting

This new update includes the new “Monitor” tab, allowing users to display sensor and variables values while running projects. Users can also now print data to a ‘print console’ to create user-readable outputs from VEXcode VR projects. The new ‘print console’ also allows users to save their print outputs to a text file - great for collecting and storing data!

Also included in this update are 3 new Playgrounds, including the “Dynamic Wall Maze” and “Dynamic Castle Crasher”. These new Playgrounds will be different each time you reset the Playground and will require some serious algorithm development to try and solve each challenge as quickly as possible!

Lastly, we’ve added 7 new tutorial videos to VEXcode VR and have a number of additional videos planned to be added in the next few weeks.

Full change log is available below - as always, we love to hear your feedback and encourage you to post here on the VEX Forums or use the Feedback button within VEXcode VR.

Change Log

  • Added the “Monitor” feature to VEXcode VR:
    • Sensor reporter block monitoring
    • Global variable monitoring
    • Displaying text and values to the Print Console
    • Saving Print Console output to a text file
  • Implemented VEXcode VR loading performance improvements
  • Implemented “Feedback” system logging and reporting for errors related to Playgrounds loading
  • Implemented automatic Playground selection in example projects
  • Increased List and 2D List maximum size to 20 for each dimension
  • Added beta support for Russian language
  • Improved ‘turn to heading’ behavior on the VR Robot to always turn the shortest distance
  • Adjusted behavior on Disk Maze and Wall Maze so the starting locations no longer report the color green
  • Added new tutorial videos:
    • Driving Forward and Backwards
    • Turning
    • Using Examples
    • Using Help
    • Using Loops
    • My Blocks
    • Using Activities and Resources
  • Added new Playgrounds:
    • Dynamic Wall Maze: Randomized wall maze layouts on each reset
    • Dynamic Castle Crasher: Randomized castle layouts on each reset
    • Disk Mover: Simpler electromagnet and disk activities

Any chance that text code instead of blocks will be introduced eventually?

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Python support for VR is currently in development… so yes :slight_smile:


When is a rough estemate of when it will be reliced? Sorry if im being a pain.

Love the monitor! Thanks! Anyone looking for some tutorials on VR from a teacher, check out my series I just released part 6 on the dynamic maze!

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I’ll know more by the end of the week. We’re making good progress however. Roughly sometime in May.


Thank you for the response. Also thank you for you and your team for your quick and continuing actions to help during this time.


Changes for 4/29:

  • Resolved an issue where timer did not pause in-between steps when stepping through a project
  • Resolved an issue with block parameter inputs showing up blank on generated PDF documents from the ‘Share’ feature
  • Added help data for the ‘set print color’ block
  • Updated help data for printing blocks, eye sensing blocks, and ‘distance found an object’ block
  • Resolved an issue with default value variables disappearing from the monitor console when running a program
  • Added additional reserved words to the VEXcode prohibited variable names list
  • Improved Russian language translations
  • Playgrounds: Resolved an issue with the Playground border being cut off in top view for Castle Crasher Playgrounds
  • Playgrounds: Resolved an issue with the Playground view not appearing fully when toggling the dashboard in chase view

Happy Cake Day @tfriez!


Will this support vexcode c++ text? Also how accurate is the robot movement simulation?

No, VEXcode VR is its own product / site and not compatible with other VEXcode tools.

We have taken great strides to ensure the robot movement is accurate and repeatable, but it is not a “simulator” of IQ/V5 hardware.

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What I mean is will text be available as another option other than blocks?


Love the Dynamic Wall Maze. Is there anyway to keep it from randomizing on each reset? Maybe only randomize when the playground is selected? I ask because someone working the code needs to be able to repeat a testing case to effectively learn how to deal with it. If the world is changing each time I run it, it isn’t impossible, but it makes a progression of learning hard.

Feel kinda stupid as I just realized we can just use the original Wall Maze for static programming. Yet, it would be nice to ‘Pin’ a maze variation while we enhance the code.


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