VEXcode VR not loading for student

Working with VEXcode VR with students during remote instruction and one student is telling me he is not able to open the program. Are there any ideas for how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Well, did they shutdown and reboot
or just delete ur hystory
or use a diffrent web brower like edge, firefox, Etc

@Patricia_Drake - Are they unable to load a playground, or not able to load VEXcode VR at all? Here are some resources that may help


Student shared that he is not able to load VEXcode VR at all.

Student is using a school issued Chromebook

Could be the prblem with the chromebook, if it is allowed maybe he should change out the chromebook

Thank you. I will see if he has access to another device.

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Thank you for your assistance, tfriez.