VexCode VR Robot Plans/Parts

Is there plans and digital parts available for the VexCode VR Robot?

I would like to have my students digitally build the robot using inventor. Similar to this project but with the VexCode VR Robot. [](http://Unit 4: Introduction to Autodesk Inventor)

I dont beleive you can do that. I’m pretty sure that VexCode VR Robot only gives you one robot design to practice and experiment with code. There is a site that does this but you can’t build with inventor and the site is pretty difficult to figure out at first. If you find out you can make your own robots for vex code vr let me know that would be really neat to do.

There are no plans/instructions for the VEX VR robot. I doubt that your students would be able to replicate it as some parts are unique to that robot and aren’t competition legal (such as the down eye, pen, etc.)