Vexcode VS extension versus Vexcode Pro V5 versus pros

Im new to coding and use linux. Our main programmer uses vexcode pro v5, as some people know there is not a linux version for this. Although there is a vexcode visual studio extension. I was wondering, is the library in vex code pro v5 the same as the VS code extension? (Like, could I copy a code made in pro v5 and put it in the visual studio code without errors?). Or maybe I should just emulate pro v5 on wine. Also side question, how much harder is it to learn pros? Should I just go and learn code on pros or is it that much more difficult? Or rather, is vs vexcode any easier than pros?

To my knowledge and testing, they are the same but I haven’t tested it all that much since I’m on windows and don’t got a reason to use the VS version. make sure to have the C++ extension though.

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Here are some differences listed on this website between vex code pro v5 and vscode extension. Not sure about the differences between it and pros.Vex vscode extension

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I can say some stuff about PROS. PROS is a student-built program(by Purdue sigbots). I believe it is better documented then vexcode, and it also has Okapi integrated into it.

You’ll need to add this udev rule to give VEX devices permissions on your linux distro.

Once this rule has been added, then the VEX Extension should be able to detect connected VEX devices.

VEXcode Pro and the VEX Extension both use the same sdk( software development kit). The libraries should not be different unless the version of VEXcode Pro being used builds against an older sdk.

In this case, you’d just need to update the broken api calls after you import your project into the VEX Extension.

Yes but you would need to import your project first. Here a link to the New/Import Project article.

Goodluck and happy coding!