VEXCode wireless download not working

VEXCode wireless download is not working for me. In Text, when I connect the controller, the controller icon in the upper right of VEXCode blinks. The brain icon and download icon remain disabled. In Blocks, when I connect the controller, all three icons light up solid, and I can click the download button, but it never finishes downloading. The firmware of both the brain and the controller updated when I plugged them in today.

Can you still download normally?

I know of another team who had this same problem and couldn’t download anything to their brain, wirelessly and normally, so we took it to get fixed and after looking at it, it somehow fixed itself. I would suggest using the Vex Utility Tool, reset the brain and controller and try a different laptop.

Have you connected your brain with your controller yet, they may not have been paired up.


Yes, with a computer connected to the brain by USB, download works fine. And I have had the controller connected to the brain, which resulted in a firmware update. Connection type is Vexnet. I also tried another laptop, and had the same result. The controller and brain are from last season, if that matters. VEXos 1.0.8

There’s a reset hole on the back of V5 controller, you can use your screwdrivers to press in the hole, reset your controller, then connect to V5 brain to update it again, see if it works(remember to pair your controller with brain and radio).

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried resetting the controller, but the problem continues. I noticed that my controller was still paired with the brain, even after resetting it. Is the reset supposed to reset pairing? If so, then maybe the reset button is not working.


I also tried connecting the controller to the brain by wire, then connecting the controller to the computer by USB. I continue to get the flashing orange controller icon, and disabled download button.

VEXos Utility does not detect my brain. It says “Connect a powered on VEX product via USB…” even though it is connected. VEXCode can download and run apps on the brain over this same USB connection. I disconnected and reconnected, and tried different USB ports. VEXCode download works, but VEXos Utility still doesn’t detect brain.

disconnected-vexos-util connected-VEXCode

In case this is relevant, in the Devices view on the brain, on the Radio, Link Type usually says Not Linked. Sometimes, by plugging the controller into the brain, I can get it to show “Drive and Data” there, but it’s not consistent. Regardless of what it shows there, I can use the controller to drive the robot, just not download.

In Devices on the brain, if I select Controller, it shows USB Connected whenever I connect the computer by USB. But still only flashing icon in VEXCode Text.

In Device Manager on the laptop, under Ports, I see VEX V5 Controller Port (COM 5). I’ve tried two laptops with same results.

Do you have any vex program other than VEXCode installed and running on your computer?

Some people reported problems if VCS was installed or firmware utility was running.

The orange Controller icon means that the computer sees the a controller via USB cable, but the Controller is not actively paired to the V5 Brain.


Using a VEXCode Blocks on a Chromebook, Chromebook connected by USB to controller, and controller paired with brain. Both controller icon and brain icon are lit. If I hit Play, the version of the program already loaded on the brain runs correctly. And the Stop button works. But if I hit Download, then the Download, Play, and Stop buttons are all greyed out, and remain so forever. The download never happens. I waited as long as 30 minutes, and it never does any download. No indication at all what it’s doing. I can get back to starting state by closing VEXCode and reopening it. Does anybody know how to completely unpair the controller from the brain? The reset button does not do this in my case.

Update: wireless download from VEXCode Blocks on Chromebook does work, but only sometimes. If I open VEXCode Blocks first, then connect the controller by USB, then click Download, it does work at least once. But after a few times, it stops working with the above symptoms.

What happens if you power cycle both V5 brain and the controller?

I have tried different combinations of power cycling, and I can usually get download to work briefly, for example turn controller, wait for controller icon to turn orange, then power on brain and wait for both icons to turn green. Sometimes download works after that, but usually not. I was finally able to test with another controller and another brain, and I believe the faulty thing is the brain itself. Download worked consistently with another brain. Wondering what, if anything, I can do to troubleshoot this brain, or if I need to send it to VEX.

You will probably end up sending it to vex if there is something wrong with the brain itself