VEXcode Wireless Programming

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if VEXcode had the capability to download wirelessly to the Robot Radio/Brain. I know that RMS (Robot Mesh Studio) has this option.

Thank You!

Yes. Just plug into the controller and download.

Could you elaborate? @trontech569

Connect the controller to your computer with a micro-USB cable. Make sure your Brain is powered on and connected to your controller. Then VEXcode will automatically detect that you are trying to download wirelessly.


Ok, the brain is on, and the controller is connected, but the controller is not connecting. Canw e ahve some help?

In other words @trontech569 is saying that it cannot be connected wirelessly, the bluetooth function for the brain is for wireless transmission between the controller and the brain, when there is no robot radio.

Please elaborate. Which connection (VEXnet or USB) is working? Which one is not?

I think he means that it’s physically connected, but not showing that it’s connected?

Thanks for elaborating @Barin. You must have either the controller or the brain connected to the computer via micro USB. If the controller will not connect to the radio then maybe it is not paired? Be sure to pair it to the brain. There could also be some other issues. Hard to tell from just the acknowledgement that it is not connected. If vexcode will not sense the controller then it could be a faulty port, either on part of the computer or the controller. The V5 ports have been known to break.

The thing is, the controller is connected to the brain, but VEXcode is not detecting it. @Barin

So the controller is connecting to the brain over either vexos or bluetooth. Great. It would even be fine to have the controller connected to the brain via a smart cable. VexCode will not detect the brain wirelessly without having a physical connection to the controller or the brain via micro USB. So connect the controller to the computer via microUSB. If VexCode does not detect the robot, then the computer could be broken. Or the micro USB port. It might be hard, but could you post some pictures of your set-up? Might help everyone figure out what it is.

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