I recently updated my vexcode v5 text to the new 1.0 version. This is my first year doing any of the programming and I was just understanding it before they changed it. I am a little confused on how to change my code from the 0.9 version so it works in the 1.0 version. What changes were made? Also how do I use vexcodeInit()?

Also what is meant to be put in each of the tabs?

You may be interested in reading some of the help articles located here and here.

What I am reading says nothing goes into the vexcodeInit(), is that correct?

vexCodeInit() is a call to a function that does some initialization that is automatically added to your source code by VEXcode. You do not need to (and should not) modify or remove this line of code in any way.

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I don’t like what the new update did because you can’t program more than 1 motor to a button so I have deleted the vexCodeInitfunction and just added the motors like how we did it in 0.9. I regret nothing.

Sure you can, just don’t use the graphical controller configuration.

New versions of VEXcode did not remove any functionality present in old versions - your old code will work unmodified.

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