VexcodeProV5 will not recognize the motor name, or any name

When I am programming the controller and bot, my motors will not recognize in VexCode V5 pro, and I’ve tried everything. Any suggestions.

does your brain not recognize the motors, or does your program not recognize them?

if your program, did you configure the motors?
posting your code would be helpful.

RightFrontMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd, Controller1.Axis3.position(), vex::velocityUnits::pct );

LeftFrontMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd, Controller1.Axis3.position(), vex::velocityUnits::pct );

RightBackMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd, Controller1.Axis3.position(), vex::velocityUnits::pct );

LeftBackMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd, Controller1.Axis3.position(), vex::velocityUnits::pct );

there is the code

answers to these questions would be good to know.
to me it seems like you just didn’t configure your motors.

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My brain died, but I will respond when I get something from the brain.

you have to declare each motor as a part of you robot. You cant just put the code in there and hope that the software knows what your thinking of.
Goto robot-config.cpp and put this under it.

motor nameofmotor = motor( PORT#) ; here is an example motor DriveMotorA = motor( PORT1 );

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What does the console say? That would be helpful. You don’t need an active brain, just click build.