VexcodeV5 on Windows-to-Go USB?

Has anyone tried running Vexcode V5 on Windows-to-Go? I bought a laptop last year, but I couldn’t daily drive windows which prompted me to install Arch due to the space constraints. The school provided laptops have been bloated with software to the point as to where they cannot even load actual schoolwork. This nonsense prompted the installation of Arch in the first place as I was concerned that the page file would fille the disk, and so after limiting the pagefile I found I could no longer open the school lms. As the price of high-capacity usb 3.0 flash drives have lowered, I was just wondering if Windows-to-Go would work as we require the desktop version of Vexcode V5 so we could load programs via the controller as our brains port was malformed by an unknown teammate rushing to plug the micro usb cord.

I don’t know the answer tou your question, but can you use the web-based version at

No, as (hopefully) mentioned earlier, the brain’s port is a goner. The web ver doesn’t detect controllers, and it also has refused to function under linux after connecting the com port.

OK, I see what you mean.
This will also make firmware updating a problem so you will need to continually maintain the version of VEXcode that matches your current firmware.