VexDB Best Skills Scores?

Seems like the “Best Skills Scores” on VexDB is broken. It seems to track the present score, not hold onto the best score?

I’m very confused about what you mean, I don’t have anything that’s written as “Best Skills Scores”. Do you mean the world rankings? If so, they seem correct to me? Can you elaborate on this and show an example of what’s wrong?

I don’t know whether they’re broken or not, but I think what TriDragon means, and he can correct me if I’m wrong, is that the displayed skills score for each team is their most recent score instead of their best score.

That may be what he was meaning, but I still can’t see any instances of that. But I can find instances where it’s doing it correctly (ie. Team 9541’s latest robot skills is 199, and their best is 215, and it’s using 215 for the rankings).

Well, I managed to completely screw up the question.

I meant “Best xxx Skills Rank”. It seems to be moving, not sticking at the highest.

I believe that keeps moving because the first person who did a skills run will have their highest skills ranking as 1st place forever. It will be unfair to keep the actual best ranking instead of their ranking currently because as the season progresses, the skills rankings will change a lot, and keeping highest ever rankings will become outdated and useless. Hope I’m making sense :smiley:

I agree, it makes perfect sense, that’s why I was wondering what it was?

It records the best end-of-season rank or the current rank, whichever is better.

2915a’s page is a decent example. The team ranked #1 in robot skills for a while during the Skyrise season, but at the end of the season they were 4th. However they did end the season in 1st place in Sack Attack, so that’s what’s listed. (Also, check out that streak - 4 years in the top 10, 3 years in the top 5 ;))