VexDB Discrepencies

I was just looking over the world skills lists on robot events and VexDB. I noticed that a couple scores that appear on robotevents are not shown in VexDB. For example in programming skills on robotevents, team 8691A is listed as #17 with 260 points ahead of team 5776 with 256 points. But on VexDB it is not displaying team 8691A, therefore it shows 5776 as #17.

I noticed because one of my teams, 4149C is 31st on robot events, but 28th on VexDB. It appears that all the scores from the “Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship 2015 - Robotics STEM Olympiad - High School” event are not being read by VexDB.


This happens when events are very slow at uploading the results to RobotEvents. I check for updates until 4 days after the event ends and if there’s no results by then I assume they’re not going to upload the results ever (a large number of events don’t upload any results and it’s not feasible for me to continue to check indefinitely).

I try to periodically check the results on the skills rankings to see if there’s any events like this, and it’s an easy fix when I’m alerted to it. That specific event should be fixed within the next few minutes.

Makes sense, thanks for the explanation!

You’re welcome!

I also just wanted to point out that there will often be a few discrepancies in the skills rankings due to the fact that I update the rankings live (i.e. skills scores during an event will update the global rankings in real time), whereas RobotEvents only updates them when the event results are finalised. This is mostly noticeably in leagues where events aren’t finalised until the entire league finishes.