vexdb errors

Does anyone know where the data for vexdb comes from? It might not be a big deal, but our team is listed as a high school team, however our registration ( was for a middle school team.

Is there someone I can contact and get this changed?

Your questions about how to contact about the data can be found here The Data

it is all scraped from which changes formats from time to time.

I thought I went through all the links at their page. I guess I missed one. Thanks.

VexDB updates when you register for a competition and when a competition ends iirc. So, when you go to your 1st competition it should pull all the info about your team and make it up to date

all the competition info is correct, but our team is listed on vexdb as a high school team. On robotevents, we are registered as a middle school team.

I’ve sent a message to the email at vexdb asking about how to change this.

They assume HS team until you compete at a MS event. They way it scrapes Robotevents means it doesn’t know what you are and has to intuit it from competition data.

hhmmm… Well, we are 3 events in, including one MS event and it still shows us as HS. Probably not a big issue in the scope of all things robot, but those are the things that seem to pester me.

Hopefully the powers at vexdb get back to me with some thoughts. Thanks for the input everyone.