VEXDB isn't a thing... So for VEX Worlds 2023 here is a gift

Due to the VEXDB no longer being a thing, it feels exponentially more difficult to scout and find information about teams. So, I have scouted every team in VRC Middle School, VRC High School, and VEXU.

Note: VRC High School data is still parsing. Later today I will update the google sheet once done scouting all 850 or so teams in High School who are competing in VEX Worlds.


I have parsed, evaluated, and added high school division. All 3 should be complete


Out of curriosity, what is the calculation for Competitiveness? What are you factoring in?


How do you decide competitiveness for this?

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In theory the event should update live during the tournament. With this years rate limit on robotevents, I’m not 100 percent it will

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Great work!

Two more tools


The algorithm was very lazily developed and it definitely is flawed, but it gives a decent enough estimation of a team’s performance. In the python code it is as follows:

        c = w/mv[1]
        c -= l/mv[2]
        c += wp/mv[4]
        c += ap/mv[5]
        c += sp/mv[6]
        c -= rank/mv[7]
        c += score/mv[8]
        c += awards/mv[9]
        c += excellence/mv[10]
        c += max_driver_skills/mv[13]
        c += max_programming_skills/mv[14]

The mv[i] is simply the maximum possible number at the tournament. The algorithm is very lazily made but it’s meant to award teams that put in blood, sweat, and tears both inside the competition (skills, more points awarded to teams with more matches played than the same team with a W/L ratio as other teams with fewer matches, total number of awards) and outside the competition (excellence award provides a really good insight of a team’s capabilities. If a team gets excellence then that means they likely have a really good skills path, documentation, and tournament capabilities than the competitors. Programming skills and driving skills are separate to allow programming skills, usually with fewer points, more of a spotlight in a team’s capabilities as well.

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Really cool. I assume record of the team throughout the season weighted evenly.

I feel like a lot of teams go to early competitions loose a lot and learn a lot then are much better team by the end of the year.

I seemed to have found a disparity with some of the data. For instance, team 100A is supposed to have a record that is accepable but instead they are recorded to have a WLT record of 0/0/23. I found their team ID to be 50040. This seems to be the same ID as a team who is competing in VEX IQ. I am going to re-run the scouting program and update the spreadsheets with the change of information.


w o w.

This is really good, well done! We’ll definitely be using this at Worlds. How long did it take you to make this?

It took two days. One day is to pull RobotEvents data, and the second day is making the code respect RobotEvent’s data limits. The bot has to make about 7-8 requests per team. So the High School data sheet required about 6,500 requests. After code that self manages the requests, from discord command to AARC → scouting sheet being uploaded it takes about 2 hours.