VexDB isn't showing up coming events

VexDB isn’t showing up coming events.

I believe that since Robotevents changed its API, VEXDB has been broken. As such, no new events will be shown, nor will any new teams (new as this season).


Well that’s a problem. Will VexDB be updated? Is there any docs @RoboCatz for the robotevents API?

Robotevents API documentation is here:

To request an API token, log in to your RE account, the click the “request access” link that only appears if you’re logged in.


If you’re using JavaScript, I have created a robotevents module to make using the RobotEvents API v2 much easier.


how long does it take to get a token? I have been waiting for over two weeks and have not had any response.

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it seems to take 2-3 weeks. I got my key yesterday so thank you.


I got mine as well! It also seemed to take 2-3 weeks.

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