VexDB Skills API Information

I’ve been looking at the skills API of and something kind of funny is happening…

When you look at the data that gets returned from skills API, it returns the overall skills score, team name, season attempts etc. There is a parameter that you can send called type where you can define whether you want to return programming skills, drivers skills, or combined. But you CAN’T do ONE query to get combined, programming skills, and drivers skills. If I’m not wrong… most people either want all three of these or just the combined. I think that this should be changed to add an additional type that if type is equal to 4 then it will return all of the information.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope that this can be changed…

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@nallen01 was working on an updated version of the API, but there’s no set release date.

In the interim, if you’re using JavaScript/Node my vexdb library may be able to help you. It builds a lot on the API, and allows you to specify requests more thoroughly


THANK YOU… I have seen that before but it looks like I might actually use it now! That will be super helpful!

However… what is the learning curve on the API? I would like to know if it would be easy to learn that before worlds…

I think it’s pretty straightforward and declarative; look at the examples on npm (linked above), you can see for yourself

And if you prefer python I have also written a vexdb API library for that language. It doesn’t have many of the fancy features of @MayorMonty’s JS library but it wouldn’t be too difficult to write a function that gets all the different types of skills scores for a particular team, making multiple API calls to do so.


If you’re looking to do really basic stuff, you can do some JSON requests in Google Sheets. There is also an easy way to program it through Python. If you want anything I have for either of that, PM me and I’ll just give it all to you.


If you don’t specify the “type” parameter then it should return all of them. Of course, if you’re trying to get things for the whole season then you’ll need to deal with pagination of the results.