VexDB Team List Missing

The VexDB website is no longer displaying the team list data for tournaments. The results and rankings are there, but the list of teams says there is no data present. This is causing an error in a program that takes the place of Vex Via and has a custom ranking formula that I calculated. Has this ever happened before, and will it be fixed soon?

Note: Our team has a lot of issues with Vex Via not updating at events, so @lerker100 and I coded a program that does what Vex Via does, but makes it easier to navigate and has some custom stats that I made because CCWM isn’t as representative as it was in previous years.

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Tagging Nathan… @nallen01

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Everything should be working again now. I had restarted the server and one service didn’t restart correctly but I didn’t notice.

Let me know if there’s still any issues


Thanks that fixed it