[VexDB] Updating is currently on hold

As many of you may be aware, RobotEvents has recently updated (yay :D).

A lot of its structure has changed meaning that the way I fetch event / team data as it stands at the moment no longer works. So for the moment, no changes on RE will currently be reflected on the VexDB API (and therefore the website too). Existing data will continue to function correctly except for the links to the RE event page no longer being correct.

Now, where to from here? Ideally I would just update the way I get data from RobotEvents to work with the new structure but this is currently not feasible, since there are numerous bugs around the website that stop me from being able to get the data I need. :frowning:
Some of these include:

  • The match CSV download URLs just plain don’t work.
  • The rankings CSV download URLs return data for many unrelated events (all of which seem to be VEX IQ, not even VRC), and seem to be broken anyway.
  • The CSV download URLs for both matches and rankings are the same no matter which division you’re on, meaning even if everything worked it would be impossible to get data for multi-division events.

Anyway, I felt like I should let the community know that VexDB will currently not be updating, and some of the reasons why that is the case.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully I can get this sorted soon!

Thanks for putting the work into making VexDB available to all teams across the world!

Do you think you could also change the way skills scores are displayed to reflect the fact that they are now combined for a single Robot Skills score? It seems that RobotEvents doesn’t do that yet (skills seems completely broken on their website), but this addition would be very useful whenever the system is up and running again.

I agree with the last post. Thank for all of your work on VexDB.

Best of luck to the crew doing the RobotEvents.com migration, I’ve done large scale migrations like this before. Never easy.

I definitely will do this, but I’ll probably wait until after the official skills rules are actually out (less than 2 weeks to go now!) so that I can be certain about how the global rankings are done, etc.

Alright, thanks! :slight_smile:

Has all the data migrated from the old RobotEvents? I’m noticing about 10-12 missing events in the GA-SC-NC area, as well as fewer density of events overall. can I trust the current data as it lives on RE?

all the events from China are missing on robotevents, includes the one in 2 weeks at Xi’an(asia-pacific qualifier) which has around 400 teams attending

Given the new RobotEvents.com is the only sanctioned interface to the events, you will have to use it, trust or not.

EPs will work with their RECF Regional Managers to clean up the migration. Organizations/Teams should check out the new interface, it is quite an improvement over the old one.

Note, I saw some events from Massachusetts not show up. This may be that the EP was setting up a tournament and the RECF Regional Manager had not yet approved it as a qualifying event. Pure speculation on my part.

Most of the FL events are gone… Migration issues I imagine, let’s hope it’s not too long. We are having parent meetings to start setting up the calendar and I had planned on using these.

RECF got back from an email right away, many of the tournaments were not approved on purpose yet for the rollout, as the EP’s film out some details and they get approved they will pop back up.
If you already signed up for some, it’s still good.

Your database website has always been a great resource. I’m sorry to see it put on hold.

@nallen01 I would put a warning on your site and in the API, somewhere prominent saying this. Most applications which use your API are relying on it being up-to-date, so possible a deprecation notice for StarStruck requests might be in order?

I have now added a warning on the site. Realistically there’s not actually any real applications using the API other than VexDB, so it shouldn’t have too much of an effect.

I have few internal tools that moniter things like top skills, matches, etc. in my region, but nothing public. It’s sad to see them go, cause they were really useful. Oh well, I’m already investigating some method of getting the data out of that website.

It’s not gone, as soon as the rankings CSV files are fixed it’ll all be back up and running!

Any updates on integration with the new site? I really like the work of @nallen01 and his site

There are still a lot of broken / missing features on RobotEvents that are apparently being worked on (it’s now been over a month since I emailed them regarding these).

Things like the Rankings CSVs (return nothing), skills rankings (both CSVs and HTML completely broken with new system) are currently barriers stopping me from being able to get going again…

Sad emoji (wow that image is large)

I second that!

VexDB has become an integral part of all my team’s research and scouting. Here is to hoping that RECF can get things in order pretty quickly.

I second that. We use vexdb to prep for every tournament. I hope also, that the RECF and vexdb can work together to fix this issue as soon as possible.