Definition: To be mentally and physically exhausted but unable to stop thinking about robots.

Vexcited: A state of mind usually triggered by a VEX competition that can lead to Vexhaustion.

Vex: A person you used to have a relationship with before you replaced him/her with a much better robot.

Can you add to these definitions?

Vexed: Perplexed with how to make your robot even better.

Vexactly - being exactly right, I use it all the time.

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Vex - a corrected definition. “Your current partner who is far better than any others that are usually defined as ‘ex’”

Or, exactly right on a 0.5" grid

Vexed (noun) used to describe the action of replacing an inferior robot with a better one.

Vexation: The act of harassing or vexing.
Vexatious: Causing vexation, harassing another robot.

Inflated Vexpectations: The desire to qualify for Worlds with a non-functional robot

non-functional: possessing many functions, except the ability to score

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Scoring is too mainstream #wallbots :smiley:

Vexy (adj)- Used to confer sexyness in a robot i.e. That is one vexy robot! I would totally make an alliance with them if you know what I mean!

Perpvexed - When only you understand the robot design

Vextra - A part that is used once, and only once

Vexeleration - When the rate at which a robot changes increases

vexperiment, methodical trial and error of making the robot work.
vexpress, a fast robot.
vexpand, an enlarging robot

Vexact Copy: A sad case when a robot has been copied screw for screw.

Vexam: Another word use to describe a Vex Robotics Competition. Also see Vexpo

Vexaminer: A judge as a Vex Robotics Competition.

Vexcrete: When a part (or parts) fall(s) off a robot during a match.

Vexpresso: The fuel that all Vex Robotics Competition Volunteers run off.

Vextionary : A Dictionary full of Vex related terminology

Vexploding: The process of a robot violently expanding at least 2 times its starting size in under one second.

Vexing: An adjective that describes the process of losing 4 or more matches in a row. Synonym: upsetting

Vexercise: Getting to the field, realising the batteries are flat, then running back to the pits to get charged ones.

Vexploration- traveling to tourneys
Vexcessive- Spending more time thinking about robots than sleeping:p

Vexpensive - When lots of parts break and you have to replace them
Vexuberant - That feeling when you just know you’re going to win the competition; Synonym: Vexcited


This is the best one yet :stuck_out_tongue: Happens all the time :wink:

VEXpert- being an expert in everything VEX.