Vextfast - the first ‘meal’ of the day during the world championships. Usually eaten while carying a robot to the pits.

Vexagon - that slightly too rounded hexagonal shape all builders are familiar with…

Vext: the robot talk and messages sent across the interweb i.e. “did you get my vext earlier?”

Ambivextrous: Being unexplainably able to build robots with both hands
Vexaggeration: When people far oversell their robot abilities before alliance selection
Vexample: Those robots from seasons ago that we still refer to for their build practises (because they were vexceptional)
Vexasperation: Being **vextremely **fed up with all things vex (and yet going back the next day)

Suggvextion: An idea that members of the VEX Robotics Community bring to the VEX development team for a potential new product.

That is a good suggvextion. We hear that suggvextion a lot. I’ll try to get that one out in a future product unveiling (unvexing?).

Vexecution: The act of executing excellence in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Bivexual: Adoring/admiring both blue and red alliances at once
Anovexic: Those who don’t eat for days in the lead up to nationals

[Disclaimer: Hope my joke doesn’t offend anyone]

"Vext!": Word often said by 1st seed team when the last seed team asks to be their alliance partner.

Vextermination: Process by which one team defeats another by more than 50 points.

Vexism: Discriminating against one alliance.

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Thats nothing. I’d say more like 200 points, something that can’t be accomplished by a simple swing.