vexing issues with #include files

Ok, so my team recently put ROBOTC onto a new computer. Everything is fine except one thing, whenever I try to use #include files, it says,
" RobotC could not open #include file “random.c” "

I am confused because I had it working last year on a different computer.

I’m using the ROBOTC 3.18 worlds version.

Hmm… can you check that it’s spelled right and it’s saved where you think it’s saved, and that the other file is in the same location. Other then that, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Another tip I’ve found is that restarting your computer will magically make things work again for some programs. I hope that helps!

Is the file you are trying to include in the same sub directory as your main source file? Perhaps post the first few lines of code for us.

I assume you mean V3.08, there is no 3.18.

Hmmm, I’ll check that tomorrow. Very possible, actually.

Precisely, sorry about the typo.

If needed, you can also change where ROBOTC looks for the #include files by navigating to View-> Preferences-> Detailed Preferences-> Directories. You can set paths for Cortex specific #include files, source files, sample programs, templates, etc.

Please note you must be at Expert or Super User menu setting (Window->Menu Level) to view the Directories tab. Also, the default location for include files should be the Drivers folder in the ROBOTC program folder.

I’ll try this too. I do already have my window set to Super User, so that’s no problem.