VEXIQ Baby Moving Platform

I built this platform for New York Maker Faire but we never used it.

It can actually move a 90KG person. Uses 2 brains, 16 motors and 8 Omni-directional wheels

I thought it be more fun to put my son Max on it!

I wonder about your usage of two brains. How did you made them talk to each other, or a single controller for that matter?

I use a colour sensor and a LED touch thingy to tell the slave brain what to do

So there is no means of a direct linkage between the robot brains? The tether port is just for the controller. I wonder if there are any plans in changing that to allow tethering?

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I wonder if there is a way to link two brains via an I2C port. Maybe setting a motor power or other function on one brain could trigger a sensor input on another brain? I’ll try something like this soon. Last time I did, all I found out was that both the brains would turn on simultaneously if I turned one on, regardless of wether the second had a battery in it or not.

Has anyone done any I2C with VEX?