VEXIQ chrome OS firmware issues

So I’m trying to help one of our elementary school programs get set up with vex code IQ and when connecting to the brain which is a first-generation, it gives a firmware out-of-date error however it says it can only be downloaded for mac or windows. Is there a solution to this as vex code will not let us download code to the brain until the firmware is updated?

Note; this is the chrome operating system for the computer, not just a Chromebook.

From what I know, you have to download VEXOS Utility (or something like that I kinda forgot what it was called) on a Mac or windows computer before you can download a program to it.

Go to the Vex site and install VexOs, then download the new firmware,and you should be good to go.

VEX IQ (1st generation) only supports using the VEXos Utility. You will need a Windows or Mac computer to do the firmware update, and then will be able to code using ChromeOS after the update.

VEX IQ (2nd generation) supports built-in firmware updating within VEXcode.


That would’ve been really helpful when I was in IQ last year…

Any news if updating with VEXCODE IQ will be offered for 1st gen brains too?