Vexiq gen2 firmware update vexos failed

We have a competition tomorrow and the gen2 brain stared an update of firmware then failed. I’ve tried multiple computers, multiple cables, browser, windows and chrome installed. I’ve seen other posts that talked about this but never a resolution. Does anybody have a fix for this? Or at least something to try?


pull the battery out and try again (perhaps you already did that, idk). looks like it failed during flash programming, if it constantly fails and the UI freezes (the green boxes stop flashing) it may be failed hardware.
make sure only VEXcode (or the web environment) is the only program trying to communicate with the brain.


I have been pulling the battery trying to get it to communicate. Sometimes it seems hopeful and will show the brain connected but then fails firmware update.

Also, if you have canned air dust cleaner, blow into the ports and cable to make sure there is nothing stuck preventing good cable contact.

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you could close VEXcode and try the web version.
(click on the brain icon to connect)

Is this a brain that’s not been used recently ? I only ask as the latest firmware was released 3 months ago.


We tried the web version and it shows the USB ports but was unable to connect.

The team has connected the brain to the computer a couple of time a week for the last month, without issue.

Any update on this, we are facing the same issue.

What issue are you facing ? A failed vexos update is usually due to bad cable, bad USB port etc.


I tried changing the cable, tried power cycle, tried battery swap. Its not working, I have states this week and really need the brain to start working.

What prompted the firmware update ? We have not released anything since Sept 2022.


I accidentally left my robot turned on when I left for school. When I got back one of my gen 2 batteries was dead and I tried to turn the brain on. It gave a white screen and I realized that i needed a different battery. I plugged the other battery in and then it gave the firmware update.

Hm, that doesn’t sound good. Brain and battery should have both shutdown when the battery had low voltage. It sounds a bit like something bad happened when you turned it on again.

When the brain is turned on, do you see the blue flashing animation ?
Does VEXcode see the brain and start the update or does VEXcode not see the brain at all ?
If VEXcode starts the update, does the animation turn to green ?


Yes I see the blue flashing animation.

VEXcode was seeing the brain, after some time trying to update it the robot shows up on VEX code and says that the robot needs no update.

Any Update? I really need this solved before our states comp.

If VEXcode will not complete the update, not sure there’s much we can do remotely, usually this is an indication of corrupted or damaged flash memory. Trying to power on the brain with a completely discharged battery should not have caused any issues, but perhaps it did, idk. If it’s under warranty call VEX support and try and get an exchange, otherwise if you get to worlds, bring it by tech support where we can diagnose further.


You need to be working with VEX support. If it’s broken only they can ship you an new one.

This is a pro-tip for anyone, us helping you is a bonus. If it needs replacing, only VEX support can do it. I love the help here, but official VEX support should be your note right after it’s not solved here in a few hours.

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Same issue here. State is this week for us. We did contact support but they want a purchase order which we don’t have because we got the robot as a grant. So the grantor purchased it from a distributor vex used to use call Idesign who are no longer a distributor. Issue has not been resolved.