VEXIQ Inspection Tool using Next Level Field Elements

20190721_200235 20190721_200839
We built an inspection tool using VEX IQ Next Level season’s field elements. Will put it to the test this week for 120 kids at robot camp.


Cool design! Will be interested to see how this works out.

How many fields worth of parts went into this sizing tool? I figure the second PVC pipe came from a second field but are all the other parts (except the baseplates) from a single kit?

See also similar projects from me and @gbr.

Everything came except floor came from a previous games, Ring Master… We did not want to have inspection on a Field because teams want to practice.
It was a black-box failure and we have since re-designed (sorry, no picture until we test it at League Inspection).
The bottom of center pvc measured 15" height -and could test the full range of motion of bot. The 2nd pvc bar was used to measure the length. When robot backed up to the end ‘wall’, drop the bar and should not hit the robot. The end circular bar holders were simply to keep bar from falling off during transportation. This really confused teams.
The new design will allow bots to enter from either end - so we can have 2 inspectors working side by side. Just haven’t figured out how to keep tall walls stable…yet