VexIQ LRT - Driver Station & Start Position

A couple of questions regarding Live Remote Tournaments with respect to Start Positions and Driver Stations.

  1. Can robots start from the same Start Position, or does it have to be one in each?

Example: Team 123A playing in Fresno, California starts in Start Position A-B. Team 456B playing in Rome, Italy starts in Start Position A-B. Is this legal.

  1. Do the drivers have to stand in the corresponding Driver Station as to the side of the field their Start Position is?

Example: Robot is in Start Position B-C. Drivers are in Driver Station A-D-G. Is this legal?

For what it is worth (because I know I will get called to the carpet on this), the rule book does not explicitly say anything about a Driver Station and a corresponding Start Position, only that a robot must be in one and the drivers must be in a Driver Station. And that we are doing Live Remote Tournaments, it leaves things a little more open, in that both teams can occupy the same Start Position AND the same Driver Station. And to add to the confusion, I have heard it both ways from different teams in both LRT’s we have done.

A little guidance please… and thank you.

Coach Dave

That question has been asked in this Q&A. It was just posted yesterday so hasn’t been answered yet.

There is no rule requiring that drivers stand in the driver station on the same side of the field as their robot’s starting position, for LRTs or otherwise. As long as you’re standing in a driver station, you’re good.

In fact, for LRTs, you could also choose to use the pre-covid driver station along the long side of the field adjacent to the starting positions - see Q&A726.


@holbrook - I’ve read that thread about using the Tradition Deiver Station, and it dies not jive with the rule book. LRT2 states that “Drivers must stand in a Deiver Station.” The only way around this rule is in the blue clarification box in that if their remote environment doesn’t allow it, and even then it is the Head Referres call.

I don’t like it when Official Q & A’s contradict what is clearly in writing within the Rule Book.

Otherwise, cool… I am finally reading the rule book “correctly”. I just don’t want to practice a certain way, get to a tournament a and get told otherwise and then my Drivers have to adjust.

Thanks for such a timely response.

The Q&A is a part of the rules, if they ‘contradict’ the book, then what Q&A says is now the official ruling.

G19> The Q&A system is an extension of this Game Manual. All Teams must adhere to all VEX IQ
Challenge Rules as they are written and must abide by the stated intent of the rules. Every Team has the
opportunity to ask for official rules interpretations in the VEX IQ Challenge Question & Answer System.
All responses in this Q&A system should be treated as official rulings from the VEX IQ Challenge Game
Design Committee, and they represent the correct and official interpretation of the VEX IQ Challenge
Rules. The Q&A system is the only source for official rulings and clarifications.