VEXIQ Mechanum Wheels

Hey RECF, any chance you can make the small VEX Mechanum wheels to be cross compatible.

We did cool things with H drives this year and I’ve created omni drives (roller wheels in the four corners). Would love the mechanum drives. Happy with the current green or if you want to jam white rollers on them that’s cool too.



Fun and educational, but clunky.

Been looking at these:
Mecanum 50mm by RendiPambudi - Thingiverse
Mecanum wheels - 4 pack (Sale) - ROB-10543 - SparkFun Electronics

And there’s this?:
Lego Mecanum Wheel by maxchambers3 - Thingiverse


I have built the top center robot, it’s one of my favorite demo models. Roboteers love when it strafes from left to right,

I’d be up for the 2.5" version from Sparkfun that was discontinued. They look like they would work.

Nice collection of robots, I’m an adult, I can tamp down the jealousy, be right back :smile:

You can program it for field orientation (not a clear front/back anyway) and it can spin and drive (relatively) straight, just like the bigbots. Working on my drifting skills.

Some mechanum wheels would be great


Kids built 'em, I just show 'em pics, point and say irritating things. I like the one with the gyro on an un-anchored beam. That’ll work, not. LEDs showed motor directions, since that is interesting with these.


No, I was saying "I’m an adult, I should be able to control my jealousy of robots displayed here. After all, I have the parts, I can build that. But there has been a series of robots that are amazing that I have seen and need to walk away from because the “I want that to be mine” is strong. Yours are on the list. There is some guy from Russia that has robots that are way too cool that I have to go to my room and weep for a few mins on how impressive they are.


I know, he must have unlimited budget and free time.

And, this. I just got mine and he’s done:


I haven’t seen @Valeria93 here for a long time but he built some cool stuff! The walking robot was cool, wonder if he ever got that working?

Yep, and @Vexatron too.

I think @vexatron has roboteers going to Worlds, I’m guessing that is the focus.

@DRow and others on the RECF GDC. Any traction on getting these into the VIQ rules? @Art_Dutra_IV any chance in getting these in VEXIQ gray or blue to make it easier for @DanMantz to approve @DRow’s amazing idea to add this.

(And yes, the “traction” pun was intended



Bigger field, right? Can’t wait to see next year’s game…

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