VEXIQ Motorised Skateboard

So here is what I been working on, video to come soon. It uses 2 VEXIQ brains and 16 motors



Here is a video of it working, you can actually skid it round corners. Let me know if you have any questions. More videos to come soon. It is programmed in RobotC

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Wow. Back in the day there was a video of a VEX employee standing on VEX metal parts and then another of them in a chair being moved by a robot. They were pretty small, I think it may have been JVN. Congrats on the build skills and showing how strong VexIQ parts are!!

To be fair to VEX, the parts do seem really strong. So impressed with the motors!

That is really cool Simon! Do you have any footage of turns? How do you execute those?

I will try and do another video tomorrow involving me turning. I have to kinda slide it round. Because the wheels have soft rubber I may use more of them to reduce the pressure on each. More to come soon!

A new video of it turning