VexIQ not connecting to VEXos in middle of update


I was pretty nervous but I decided to shutdown VEXos and restart it. It then updated the brain, motor and controller to v2.02. Should I do this again but with all sensors and motors attached? How important is that?

***Original Post: **I have a Vex iq brain connected to my PC via usb. They are powered on. I’ve opened VEXos and started the update with a controller and one motor attached. It said it was installing and then said to press the check button to turn on the brain. I did this. The brain now says “Connect to PC for Program Update”. VEXos says “Press check to power ON the Robot Brain”. Windows device manager is showing that the “VEX Device Firmware Upgrade” is connected.

Prior to his I had installed RobotC 4.56. I haven’t updated my Vex devices since I first installed RobotC on them.*


Yes, please connect your motors and sensors, we need to make sure they are running the latest firmware.
Else they will not operate along with your brain.