VEXIQ Pins In Onshape


I was creating a CAD model for my Full Volume Robot, however, I am having quite a difficult time using Fasened mates from the pins to the beams, I always end up where the pin is halfway through the beam, and sometimes it randomly works, but when I try to replicate the way I previously did it, I run into the same issue.

Apologies for the lack of photos or video.

If anyone has any tips on how to do this please do let me know.

A Very Perplexed

The connection is being applied to the wrong surface of either the peg or the beam. To get the correct surface, hover over that surface with your cursor, and once the proper surface is highlighted, hold the shift key down. With the shift key held, now move your cursor to the connection point that you want to use.

This video might help: CAD Level 4 - Connecting Parts - Onshape for VEX Robotics - YouTube. The video is for VRC parts, but it works the same for IQ.

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