VEXiQ Programming

Yes another question about current programming. Is there any update as to when either ModKit or RobotC will be available? I understand that those are third party app, but it is a little frustrating not being able to do much without the ability to program. I start school tomorrow and not being able to introduce Vex IQ fully is frustrating. When I received the kits I purchase back in June I was under the impression the programming would be available.

The responses posted here and here are still the most current update. The VEX engineering team, alongside our partners at Modkit and ROBOTC, are all hard at work ensuring that, upon release, the VEX IQ programming options will provide your students the best user experience possible.

Stay tuned to the forums for further updates - we will be sure to post as soon as they become available. There is still plenty of STEM education that can be done with the VEX IQ platform while awaiting a programming interface; you can view some of the VEX IQ Curriculum for sample lessons on topics like Simple Machines or Rube Goldberg Devices.