VEXIQ Radios

The new VEXIQ radios are really tiny and affordable !

Can we get a proper datasheet or at least a pinout description for the module ?

Hi Andy,
One of our top priorities is to maintain the integrity of VEX Robotics Competition and VEX IQ Challenge events. As you know, because of this we are very careful about releasing information on our products, specifically our wireless communication items.

That said… we are very happy with how the VEX IQ electronics turned out, and we know lots of advanced users will want more info so they can play with them.
There are still discussions about this, but for right now we’re holding off publishing any advanced details beyond “it works with the VEX IQ system.”

In the future, I’m hoping we can be more open – but in the short term we need to make sure we’re not letting a genie out of the bottle.

Take Care,