VexIQ Wheels Not Turning - X Drive Issues


I have built a X Drive and have been having some issues, When I run the code and use the controller, the robot does not move. My mentor said that because the motors were not configured in the controller config, they would not spin, but I am skeptical whether that is true. I am Using a Gen 1 Brain, Gen 1 controller, and no gyro, my code and configs are attached below. Screenshot 2022-04-19 1.30.45 PM Screenshot 2022-04-19 1.30.38 PM Screenshot 2022-04-19 1.30.28 PM Screenshot 2022-04-19 1.30.21 PM

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Blaziumm ,
I struggled a lot through my V5 X-drive bot, so I have a some experience here. It looks like you have two motor groups, which would either not allow your bot to strafe, or not allow it to turn. Using motor groups for your 2 left and 2 right wheels would result in the same movement as a tank drive bot, except a little more touchy with the joysticks. You would need individual motors for an X-drive. Also, it looks like your motors can only spin one speed. You will want your speed to match your joystick position so you can drive slow OR fast.
I can assist you further with this later today when I have access to VEXcode.

Thank you for your response, (sorry for being late, I had classes) I used the motor groups for the top and bottom motors. As well as the top. This might be the issue though, but when I used the controller config and mounted both of the motor groups to the bumpers it did work.

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Both of my right wheels are reversed in the device log.
B stands for back and F stands for front.

Iā€™m pretty sure that will work, thank you so much!

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