Vexmen Robot Reveal

It’s time to formally reveal the Vexmen robots of Downingtown Pennsylvania, USA as they are now on their way to California on a truck.

We have seven very different robots across the High School and Middle School divisions attending this year. So two teams of Freshmen representing Downingtown STEM Academy under the team 81 banner and five Middle School division teams under the team 80 banner with Downingtown Area Robotics. Each Vexmen robot has its own personality and special skills.

High School Vexmen Teams Attending World Championships:
[INDENT]81A – Apocalypse
81S – Sabretooth

Middle School Vexmen Teams Attending World Championships:
[INDENT]81G – Gambit
81J – Juggernaut
81N – Nightcrawler
81W – Wolverine
81X – X-23

We look forward to seeing everyone at World Championships and come see the Vexmen to collect our team bracelets again this year. You’ll have to do some walking as we have both High School and Middle School teams this year.

(Click the image to see the full reveal)

The Vexmen of Downingtown Area Robotics has over 100 middle school and high school students on 17 different teams. We compete against each other as well as other clubs at competitions in the area. We learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as we compete in robotic events in Southeast Pennsylvania.

The 2012 Vexmen

Wow, all awesome … Gambit looks especially cool

after i read your post i went what i dont see it
i had tryed to zoom in on the bottom picture

click the pic of the boxes

nightcrawler kinda of confused me
why does it reach 63
and why do you like the scissor over say a 6 bar

ya i realized that when i read your first post

Nightcrawler looks especially cool in my opinion. I definitely want to see all of these.:cool:

We did it to scare the loose parts off your robot! :slight_smile:

Also we were a hair under the 30inch goal as our feeder dropped down so we added a fourth level then it went to super height. As a bonus when you add more levels the top goes up faster on the same lift track distance.

It is taller than me at full height!

That is a great looking array of robots! I especially like the variety of designs. We’ll see you in in the middle school division next week!

Great reveal ! Props to the mentors and teachers that keep this program together. Tremendous work and I look forward to seeing everyone at worlds !

Holy Scissor Lift Batman! Thats a cool Scissor Lift on Nightcrawler! As much as I dislike the mechanism as a whole I’d really like to see how you did that in more detail!

  • Andrew

Juggernaut looks just my old gateway robot. We couldn’t quite reach the 30 in goal though.

Juggernaut’s lift is a bit hard to describe. Call it a “5 bar lift” or “almost a 6 bar lift”. I don’t want to start a symmantics argument on what it really is called. Once they split out the single arm lift to this it got them up to the 30" goal. By being asymmetric, it’s a little off kilter but it scores and that’s really all that matters.

Missing from the picture are the wheelie prevention weights up front since they geared it for speed since the picture was taken. These kids can drive pretty darn well and are good especially in isolation zone starts where there are a bunch of lower goals requiring 2 pieces at a time.

It is called Juggernaut so it’s coming to get ya using it’s head and fists.