vexnet 2.0 communication issue

Hi there,
I’ve just bought new vex edr super competition set from our local market.
During competition our vexnet usb’s started losing connection.
I have added a video which shows the issue.
I updated the firmwares of cortex and joystick and also vexnet 2.0 keys.
From vex cortex communication mode menu on robotc program, when I select competition(vexnet), I can drive clawbot even if the leds are red. (with vexnet)
But the other communication modes I can’t drive robot when connection stops between cortex and joystick. (with vexnet )

  1. I don’t see a video.
  2. As for the Communication modes. In all of the modes, the Robot will run whatever program was last compiled and downloaded automatically.
    VEXnet or USB - Robot C will look for a USB connection first, then a VEXnet Connection. You should be able to drive once VEXnet is linked.
    USB only - The only way to drive in this mode is if you have a USB cable connecting your controller to the Cortex.
    Competition (VEXnet) - You should be able to drive via VEXnet in this mode as well.

This is my understanding, if I am incorrect, I am sure someone will correct me.

vexnet2.rar (2.95 MB)
I tried to upload my video again. At video you see low battery I replaced the batteries but result is the same.
Batteries of joystick is not original vex battery.

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Are you using the competition template? If not that is required for the bot to function correctly in competition, see this.

I’ve downloaded sample program “clawbot single joystick control” to cortex.
But only 2 motors connected to cortex (right and left wheel motors) so I removed the other motors on the program.
As I said before, with orange cable between cortex and joystick there’s no error led.