VexNet 2.0 issue

So we are trying to run our completely new robot with completely new cortex and controller. When we use the orange cable to control the robot it does not have any issues and the robot runs fine but when we unplug the cable and replace it with the white 2.0 vexnet keys, the controller fails to connect to the cortex wirelessly. It starts by flashing green as if it is looking for the cortex, and then after 10 seconds its turns red, meaning it did not find the cortex. Is there something we need to do to fix this problem? Any vexnet updates or things that we can do to make the controller connect? Thanks in advance.

Hello Clean Sweep Man,

Please note that your Cortex & Joystick will require the 4.0.1 firmware, if to be interfaced with the VEXnet Keys 2.0.

For further information on the 4.0.1 firmware please visit this page:

Let me know if this takes care of your problem.